Resources & References For Marketing, Web Design & Social Media Marketing

I always get asked for different resources so this is a page dedicated to resources I use and recommend.   This list will continue to grow as I do, for full disclosure, most of the links are Affiliate Links meaning I may get paid a finders fee.  Please note many companies that I dont recommend pay a finders fee, I will not recommend any company I do not use myself.

Hosting.  cheap and good enough. bit more expensive and I do use them. Expensive and Respectable the Best and Cheapest, No customer service you need to know how to run a server.


Tools for Business and Web Development. This is a marketplace for Apps, Tools, SaaS Services.  They always have promotions and sometimes have amazing deals.  It is a good place just to get lifetime deals on products.  It is special offers and you can not predict what is being sold. This is a tool that can be used to monitor workers on computers. This is the ultimate database of Influencers.  You sign-up to access thousands of people that want to be paid to review and market your product.  (One of my secret sauces)





Free Industry Magazines (Physical)

Internet Retailer it comes out every year in December with the Top 100 Online Retailers in the United States based on revenues and innovation.

Website Magazine a great overview of the Websites and Internet Marketing.   Always has current trends and articles on a wide range of Website Topics.


Web Hosting