White Shirt Marketing dot com

We have too many projects as it is hence no Website. This is #Anti-Marketing.  I will be updating this site when I have time and need to go and find some clients.  Currently, only servicing clients referred to us by an established connections.  We will only work with a MAX of 5 Clients at any given time to provide a high level of quality and service.

Marketing Concepts and Game Plans are a creative endeavor and can not be easily replicated. Anyone can post on social media, make a website and make some videos.  Only a true marketing & business development firm can increase your bottom line, while they are servicing you in the short and long term. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact Details  Please contact us via the details given to you by your referral.   We will not answer unsolicited prospects

Business Inspiration  

‘Rule Number 1 in Marketing & Sales – Don’t be #Amway                                           

‘Our view on business is that you need to create a #Holistic #Marketing #Strategy to gain #Business and #Sales‘ 

‘If you don’t have a #Strong #Congruent #Message you will get lost in all the #Noise

Initial Meeting is $200 we will discuss concepts that you can already execute.   At this stage, we will see if we can work together.

Business Development, Social Media & Internet Consulting starts at $2000 a Month for 16 hours a month.

Websites Development Begins @ $5000 for a simple site as it is built to grow with SEO and usability at the forefront.   For most developers, this is an after thought lol.